Our Country? Europe


The two original founders, Rausten and Shep, were best friends in high school, with their fair share of daydreaming. Since then, the team has grown to include members and contributors from all over Europe. Some of them have been friends for years, others have bonded thanks to the project. And isn’t that what the European spirit is about?


“My Country? Europe.” was born as a Facebook page in the wake of the Crimean crisis. The effects of the conflict on public opinion served as a wake up call: very little of what is said on the internet about the European Union is reliable or easily verifiable.


We want to foster a common sense of belonging to a wider European identity. We do not want to pigeonhole European federalist discourse into a predetermined ideological set, and believe unbiased information makes for the best decision making. Eventually, thanks to the wonderful community we interact with everyday, as well as our efforts, the page turned into a positive, informative, friendly federalist platform. This website is the next step. Content that is not particularly suitable to social media, such as articles and essays, will appear here, and there will be more to come down the line.

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